He’s “the Peanut Butter” to my Jelly

Meet my PB. He’s my one and only man.

my PBSince this is a food blog he’s the Mac to my cheese, the Peanut Butter to my jelly, donut to my coffee… you get it…

We pretty much do everything together, and he’s been really supportive and eaten almost all the strange things I’ve made along this relearning to cook journey. Lately there’s been a wrinkle in that he has to work a lot of hours. So he’s not home a lot, and we aren’t cooking together as much as we normally do… He’s still my grill master though!

He’s been cooking for me since before we were dating, back when we were friends. Then we got married, and have been cooking together ever since. And next month we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary! He does all the grilling, and is Chief of the Weekend Breakfast.

He’s going to try and write an occasional post for you; about cooking, living with a crazy person someone with dietary restrictions, what eating what I eat for the most part has done for his health (spoiler… it’s help! šŸ™‚ ) and whatever else strikes his fancy.