Veggie CSA = Summer’s Here!!

In past summers and this year as well, we have gotten a veggie CSA from Ripley Farm.

Community Supported Agriculture is a method for getting your food straight from those that grown it

How that looks for us: sometime in Jan-March we pay the veggie farmers, they buy seeds, plant them, and take care of them. In the summer, every week on Wednesdays, for 16 weeks (this year July thru October) we get a box of veggies.

What ever is in season

It’s become a huge thing for us. What’s in the box? What will it turn into? What new things will we try? What new recipes will those new veggies push us to try? What new way can we prepare this veggie that is in season right now, and there’s TONS of it?!

So every week I will be sharing the photo that our farmers shared on their Facebook page of that week’s veggies.

I behind by one week, so here’s 2 week’s worth 🙂 

CSA Veggies Wk1
Gene with week one’s veggies!

This became a lot of salad, a stir fry, and some sauteed greens and eggs, and lasagna rolls with kale…

CSA Veggies Wk2
Mary Margaret & week two’s veggies!

This became some salad, some macaroni salad, some tacos

This obviously changes the way the menu is made. Less “I want to make this recipe, so I buy will buy these ingredients, so I have them available”. And more “I have these things fresh, what do I have or can get to go with those things, to make for dinners and lunches before they spoil”! 

So expect to see lots of veggie based meal during the summer! And if you need some in season veggies of your own, check out Ripley Farm at Orono Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

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