Meet Pe@rl

Blog world meet Pe@rl! My new home away from home…

Pe@rl the T@b trailer
Pe@rl the T@b trailer

As I have learned to live with these allergies, traveling or going anywhere has proven to be a challenge. At home I have my “special” soap, my “special” dish soap, my “special” laundry soap… you get the point. Add to this, the last 2 times I’ve slept in a hotel I was covered in hives the next day, fun stuff! 

As we planned our road trip, the original plan was just hotels along the way. And maybe a couple Airbnb places. That however, given my sensitivities to outside life, seemed like a bad idea and I dreaded leaving my house. The amount of work required to avoid all the chemicals out there, and not eat any gluten, or too much sugar, and… and… yeah, I felt super overwhelmed. 

My PB has been suggesting a camper for a while, and I’ve been resisting, because when I go camping I like sleeping in a tent. However, he managed to find a couple cute ones, and won me over! 🙂 Then the search was on…

And this one became ours.

And I loved her. 

We named her Pe@rl. Because she is my “clamshell” to keep me safe away from home. My oasis.

And coincidence one of the meanings of “Megan” is Pearl.

Galley hatchShe needs some work, that we will work on over the next couple years, modifying and adjusting to
our tastes. We did have some work to get her ready for the 2 week road trip, hence the complete and total lack of blogging. We only had 2 weeks before leaving to get everything done!!

It has a bed, closet, storage, and porti-potty inside. Plus a heat pump for both heating and cooling! The bed can convert to a dinette, however we left it as a bed. The back hatch opens to a kitchen. I’ll share more pics don’t worry 😉


2005 T@b Clamshell trailer made by Dutchman. 1200# dry, around 2000# loaded.