Setting Out – Road Trip 2015 Day 1

On the road...
On the road…

I’d love to say the first day was exciting… But it wasn’t really. In fact we left 6 hours late… Thanks to finishing the projects on the camper only 2 days prior, and both being rather busy with work, we were not packed or ready for departure. 

Since this is what would be referred to as our “shake down trip“, which is first trip you take with your new camper, and get to use everything for an extended period of time, my PB packed lots of tools and supplies so we could fix just about anything! 

I was in charge of food, clothing, toiletries, and bedding. He’s in charge of tools, camping supplies, vehicle maintenance, and making everything fit. 🙂

First crisis in the driveway was averted with said tools. We had added a hitch extender because the trailer latch was hitting the spare tire on the Jeep, making it really hard to hitch and unhitch the trailer. Which then caused the safety chains to go from being a tad too long to being about 1-2 links too short. Links added and we were finally on our way! 

We ate our first road trip dinner in Portland ME at the Chipotle there. 


Since eating gluten free, and finding whole, minimally processed meals on the road is quite difficult, before we set out we had picked a couple chain restaurants that would be our go-to places if we needed food. When you are hungry is not the time to make this decision! And being realistic, we weren’t going to have the time, or desire, to cook every meal while on vacation…  

So these were our picks:

  • Chipotle – gmo free! I always get a burrito bowl
  • 5 Guys Burgers – lettuce wrap burger and fries from a fries only fryer! 
  • Panera Bread – gmo free too but not many gluten free options

We made it to the west side of Massachusetts where we parked in a rest stop for some sleep.

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  1. I wish our day 1 travels had taken us further, but I was quite happy to have an actual bed to sleep in on the road. Commence camper break in!

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