Still Driving – Road Trip 2015 Day 2

RoadTrip-8We woke up in western Massachusetts and headed on our way to Niagara Falls!


Sadly… there’s no good story there. After doing a circle around, being given very poor directions by a very grumpy official looking person and doing another loop around, we gave up finding our way into the place. There was traffic backed up everywhere, streets closed, the GPS got lost, and there was no way we were going to find 2 spots to park our little rig… 

And then we decided that from then on- we wanted to be going in the opposite direction of any backed up, stopped traffic!

We weren’t interested in following the throngs. We wanted to find the quiet peaceful places to enjoy. No marketing, or gimmicks, brochures or the like…  

We were both really sad at how materialistic and commercial the whole area was… Next time we plan to visit Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, which many people say is better.

RoadTrip-12On the way out, we did pull over for some lunch. And this was our view looking back towards the falls…

RoadTrip-11The best part! The chips and dip šŸ™‚ 

One thought on “Still Driving – Road Trip 2015 Day 2

  1. Go to scenic Niagra Falls, NY, if you want your vehicle shaken to pieces. We lost a closet door to the motocross tracks that the Niagra Falls public works dept refer to as ‘roads’. Not a fan, when we do go see the falls it’ll be from the Canadian side. I hear they possess the technology to make roads flat & paved there.

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