Good Morning Colorado Springs – Road Trip 2015 Day 12 Part A


By this point in our trip we had learned to not shut the T@b shades all the way. They create a serious black out, and you forget to wake up… After all that’s why I had sewn pretty curtains, so we could leave the shades open and not have people staring in.

So the next morning as we were parked in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, when the first light hit my eyes I opened them to the inside of Pe@rl glowing pink. I stuck my head up far enough to see out the window, and the sky over Colorado Springs was bright pink and orange, and Cheyenne Mountain in front of us was illuminated, reflecting the sky.

Colorado Springs by Sunrise

My PB later said his first awake recollections were being shaken by his opposite-of-a-morning-person wife saying “get your glasses, you need to see this”, and he knew ” you meant it, you don’t kid around at that hour”.


We grabbed some layers, and jumped out.

And got to watch the sun come up over the eastern horizon.

That’s how we started our first day in Colorado Springs.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Colorado Springs – Road Trip 2015 Day 12 Part A

  1. Getting up early, voluntarily mind you, is not something Meg does without a good reason. So, as I came out of my sleepy state and wondered why the inside of Pe@rl was kinda glowing a funky pinkish orange I figured if she was telling me to get up I should. It was well worth the effort, as the sky was absolutely amazing.

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