Norris Hot Springs – Road Trip 2015 Day 9 Part B

We went back to Norris Hot Springs!!

On our way to the west coast, we stopped here. But we ended up getting in really late, and leaving early because we had a long drive ahead of us… And that didn’t leave us with a lot of hot springs sitting time…

Same spot!
Same spot!

We pulled in a little after 4pm. Which was perfect! We got everything set up, changed into swimsuits… and got on wifi!!! Last time we were the only (not permanent) camper. This time we had a number of neighbors, including a rather new Airstream.

Nachos & hard cider
Nachos & hard cider

After setting up, we went and staked out a table and started eating food! Nachos were first. And I had a trout dinner, which was very fresh and cooked perfect. And I didn’t take a picture of it before eating it… 🙂 My PB really wanted to have pizza, so I didn’t steal any of his… But he had some leftovers in the cooler to snack on for a couple days. 


A little later we took a break from hot spring soaking, and went back to feed the dogs. And since I was dying to break into some blueberry cheese I brought from home, we dug out the Glutino Cinnamon Bagel Chips and has us a little snack. I of course can’t remember what kind of cheese that was… but it was supposed to spread. However, when it’s cold… it doesn’t. And when you’re sitting in ice… you’re cold. So we had bagel chips and little crumbly slices of cheese. Which was fine with me, I like hard cheeses.

We went back to soaking in the hot springs, drinking a couple hard ciders, listening to the live music, watching the stars… Pretty much perfect.

A picture couldn’t capture it.

We stayed until they started draining the pool and kicked us out…

We woke up to the light breaking over the hill right behind us.

Good morning!!!
Good morning!!!
Sun bathing after breakfast

We took our time getting ready. Once the sun came up it warmed up nicely, plus it was much warmer than the week before! We showered and I washed my hair.

They have a very nice bathhouse. Definitely one of the nicer ones I’ve used at a campground! Probably a little rustic for some, but everything functions and if feels more like being at home than a locker room shower. And it’s always warm, which is really nice on chilly mornings! 😉

One more dip...
One more dip…

We waited long enough the pool opened up for the day! So we got in a quick dip and some light lunch before pulling out…

If we lived anywhere near here, we’d be here on a regular schedule. We are still trying to figure out an excuse to come back! And next time we come west, this will be a stop!

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