On the Road Again – Road Trip 2015 Day 8 Part B

Original plan had us in Seattle until tomorrow, but we decided to get a jump on driving and leave today.

So this morning we packed up, and drove Pe@rl into Seattle. That was quite a ride!! Still so thankful for how closely Pe@rl follows the Jeep. And how tight of spots you can get it into. It’s one of the (many) touted advantages of having a little, very light trailer. 

While we went to brunch, and hung out with Lexy for a couple more hours, we parked the whole rig in her apartment driveway. It was quite amazing the little tiny hole it fit in. And we forgot to take a picture!! 🙁 

We left Seattle early afternoon. And our first (quick) stop was in a chain up area on I90, because somehow when we hooked up this time the safety chains were a tad longer and just barely dragging on and off and driving us crazy!! So a quick stop, and my PB “chained up” and we were on the road again… 

Chains up
Going thru the WA passes

Next stop was Ellensburg WA… We planned on a quick pit stop, but while fueling up and doing a quick walk around check my PB discovered when we left Seattle that the electric running to the trailer had not been properly hooked up and out of the way, and had been dragging on the pavement since Seattle and was mostly worn thru… Meaning we had no power or lights back there.

So he quick cobbed it together in the parking lots with some wire nuts, and we drove across town to a parts store. Were we parked and he set about fixing the cable… He was just barely able to splice it back together again, since it had been too long to begin with. 
After splicing everything back together again, he set about testing everything. Which is when we learned that Jeep fuses the rear tail lights separately. And we had blown the driver’s side tail light fuse (which is where the trailer wiring runs thru). Back into the parts store for fuses.

And then everything worked!! He put it all back together, and packed up all the tools… And we were on our way.

I’m pretty sure those parts guys thought we were crazy…. 

We stopped at the Wild Horse Monument, overlooking the Columbia River. It was a gorgeous view, we took a bunch of pictures…

Jeep and Pe@rl
Jeep and Pe@rl
Columbia River
Columbia River

And had time for a quick repair to the hatch hinge cover, which the wind had pulled up a bit.
We made it into Idaho, where we stopped at a Walmart for the night.