Portage Bay Cafe – Road Trip Day 8 Part A

One thing I really wanted to do while in Seattle (besides eat my weight in sushi), was go get gluten free french toast at Portage Bay Cafe

Rumor was that it was amazing. And I haven’t had french toast since going gluten free. Also the whole sustainable and organic and local… that’s the part of Seattle I wanted to see.


We made reservations for brunch. Lexy’s idea, and super convenient. No waiting.

And I got my french toast!


I was not disappointed! I made it thru 2 of those slices and took the last one with me. There was no way I was letting them throw it out 🙂 (I ate it cold a couple days later for breakfast, better warm. But still good then!)

My PB got the Farmer’s Hash. Which he loved, but also couldn’t finish! It was a huge plate full! It actually looked a lot like the Sweet Potato Hash I’ve made in the past

The only part that scared me was getting my toppings for my french toast from a self serve bar. Given the gluten free-ness of any bar is in how careful people are about not touching serving spoons on their plates or food… And it served the whole place, gluten and gluten free. If you’re super sensitive I would ask for fruit from the kitchen. 

I would definitely go here again!