Seattle Day 2 – Road Trip 2015 Day 7

Day 2 in Seattle was to be a guided tour and my PB requested hiking… (he’s weird like that…)!

So we met our tour guide (Lexy) at their apartment, and headed out for some breakfast. The dogs got to chill out in the Jeep while we were gone, and after breakfast we’d come back for them so they could go on our “walk”. That way they would be thoroughly exercised when we left them locked in a bedroom while we went site seeing and to dinner later on. 

Thankfully, I’d eaten my standard morning yogurt and fruit back at Pe@rl, because the destination was a bakery. And everything looked really yummy, and very glutenous… 🙁

Then we headed to the Arboretum to do some walking…

Big trees
Big trees

It was very pretty, and I bet amazing during blooming season. We made it out to the lake, and sat for a while enjoying the view. 


After the Arboretum, we headed back to drop the dogs off. And it was almost time to pick up Lexy’s boyfriend from work, and then he could join us. 

After we picked him up, we all headed to Pike Place Market! Even though it’s probably the most touristy thing on our want to see list, we were very excited to see the market. We have become very fond of going to our local farmer’s markets, almost shopping there exclusive during some summer months…

Pike Place Market is I believe the oldest farmer’s markets, and also probably the largest! Started in 1907, to allow farmers to sell right to consumers, and pocket their earnings instead of the middle man getting the profits. 

“The Market is yours. I dedicate it to you and may it prove of benefit to you and your children. It is for you to protect, defend, and uphold and it is for you to see that those who occupy it treat you fairly. … This is one of the greatest days in the history of Seattle.” [source]

Given the rather temperate Seattle climate, I was really looking forward to grabbing some fresh local stuff 🙂 And fresh seafood isn’t bad either…!

However, all we got was a bunch of flowers… Given how little time we had to make meals during the trip, just as well. 

And no pictures… Next time for sure!

Next stop was I Love Sushi for dinner!

I was very excited that their menu noted gluten free items already, saving a lot of asking. I was also excited that the miso soup was gluten free (not always the case), so of course we got some.

Sushi again!
Sushi again!

Since we were eating light, to ensure room for maximum stops, we split a couple dishes. 

Next stop was REI, since their flagship store is in Seattle. We picked up some of the new BPA free Nalgenes with the REI logo on them! I’ve got a bunch of the old ones, but have been considering getting some newer ones. And it seemed like a great practical souvenir. We used them the rest of the trip. The Jeep has a perfect Nalgene sized spot next to the front seats, in between the door and where the seat attaches to the floor, which allows them to rest there but not fall out when you open the door. I got a purple one, and my PB got the traditional gray with blue Nalgene. 

REI store waterfall!
REI store waterfall!

After REI, we headed back to the house. The dogs were excited to see us! And since we’d eaten a lighter dinner there was discussion of more food. But I was the only one really into that idea, and it was a weekday for those working… so we decided to call it a night and head for the camper. 

On our way back, we did swing by the local Chipotle in Bellevue for a burrito bowl which we later split.


Aww… All charged for another night 🙂