Seattle!!! – Road Trip 2015 Day 6

We woke up in Bellevue WA! We were excited to be staying in the same place for a couple days 😉

We stayed at Vasa Park Resort & Ballroom. It’s not at all our kind of place for camping, but there aren’t a lot of options and it was less than a 30 min drive into Seattle. We agreed it would be fine, since we’d spend our days site seeing. Sites are very small, and that’s with our tiny trailer! We also weren’t supposed to run an AC, or risk tripping a breaker, so not sure mid-summer would be very comfortable unless there’s a good breeze off the lake. (we were okay the nights we were there with just some open windows, and running the fan on low) Restrooms and showers were ok, but not very clean. 

Welcome to Seattle
Welcome to Seattle!

We came to Seattle to see my step-daughter Lexy (my PB’s daughter). She lives there with her boyfriend right in the city.

So after breakfast, coffee and a shower, we headed to find her. She was working today, but had the next couple days off to play tour guide and hang out with us. Today we were on our own and had a short list of things we wanted to drive around and see.

It felt really weird not having Pe@rl along for the ride… And I think we both felt a little pang leaving her parked and driving away… I know I breathed a big sigh of relief when we drove back in that evening and saw her sitting there! It made driving in the city so much easier, but after having driven so many miles with her behind the Jeep, it felt very strange to drive just the Jeep!

The overpass/tunnel was ALIVE!
The overpass/tunnel was ALIVE! So neat!

Since we were moving rather slowly after a long day of driving, we made it into Seattle in time for Lexy’s lunch break! We parked the Jeep and dogs in her work parking lot, (under the watchful eye of some coworkers 😉 ) and she drove us to one of her favorite lunch places Essential Bakery Cafe. They both got sandwiches, and I went with a salad. They did have a number of gluten free options! They even had gluten free bread available, so sandwiches can be made gluten free. And a number of the salads were gluten free as is, no modifications. They will even add a protein to your salad for you, which is really nice for a salad meal.

After lunch, we set out with the dogs on some site seeing. Actually site driving I guess, because we mostly drove around and looked at stuff. One place we did stop and walk around was at Gasworks Park. 

Gasworks Park (photo by my PB)
Gasworks Park (photo by my PB)
View of Seattle downtown from top of Gasworks Park

From there we drove northwest along the water till we got to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. I’d put them on the list of things to see for my PB, since he likes things about technology, engineering, and such. (He really liked Gasworks Park) But when we got there, the area was a little sketchier than we cared for so we moved on… 

We went across the Ballard Bridge and up the water till we ended up across from the Locks, at Commodore Park. And it was pretty quiet, really nice and had a great view! We sat there for a while on a bench just enjoying the sun, which we hadn’t had much time to do recently! 


We could have walked around a lot more, there was lots to see. And if you’re there at the right time of the year, there’s the fish ladder. But the dogs were getting tired… so headed back to the Jeep.

We decided to head towards were we wanted to get our dinner since by the time we got there, and back to Pe@rl we’d definitely be ready for dinner….


We went straight thru downtown! Probably wasn’t the best time of day to do that… but we were on vacation and just enjoyed the sights. With all the stops, the driver had plenty of time to look around! 😉

The skyline
City Target! A very pretty building actually
Enjoying that sunroof for sure…

The final stop of the day, and one of the things we really wanted to go see was Uwajimaya, the Asian market, on 5th Ave South. We planned this as our last stop with the intent of picking up sushi to take back for dinner! Rumor had it that the sushi they made, while being “grocery store” sushi, was quite good and extremely reasonable! Sold!! After all, they don’t exactly make rotisserie chickens there if you know what I mean…

Seattle's China Town
Seattle’s China Town

At first, my PB went in and I stayed with the dogs in the Jeep so they wouldn’t overheat (or our car wouldn’t get broken into by people thinking the dogs were overheating- apparently a common problem…). But he did one quick tour around and knew I would want to see everything they had, and texted me to come meet him. Since I was sitting in the car, with the windows mostly rolled up, and was quite comfortable I knew the dogs would be fine. I “trapped” them in the back seat, where we have tinted windows and went to meet him…

He was right, it was pretty neat! Fresh seafood, veggies and dry goods. As well as cooking and serving tools and dishes. 

We made it to the sushi cooler just as an employee was going thru and marking the ones that needed to sell down by $1 a tray! We picked thru and found 3 trays to share. They had ingredients listed on all of them, which was very handy. I had to avoid anything with soy sauce, since that normally has wheat. And California rolls, since they are generally made with imitation crab meat which most likely has wheat in it. We also picked up 4 pairs of chopsticks, not that long ago we discussed getting some since we eat sushi often enough now to probably upgrade from take out chopsticks 😉 And we got a small soy sauce dish, since we had nothing that small in the camper. I had packed my gluten free soy sauce because we planned this in advance… 


When we got back to Pe@rl, I took a few minutes to hang the little globe lights that we always take camping… We hadn’t stopped long enough yet to put them up! They are solar, and as long as they get a good day of sun, they will run all night!


Yeah, we didn’t finish all that… We couldn’t… We tried…

I wished I’d brought my pickled ginger from home. I don’t need soy sauce with my sushi, but pickled ginger for me is a must! And what came in the trays was a sad, tiny amount… Now I know! Always travel with your ginger!


Good night!

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