Road Trip 2015 Conclusion

Thanks for coming along for the ride on our 2 week road trip- Maine to Seattle! 

All total, our trip totals according to my mileage tracker app…

  • 7336 miles
  • 542 gallons of gas
  • $1389 in fuel (for an average of $2.56/gal)
  • Averaged 13.5 mpg!

We drove thru 20 states. Slept at 4 Walmarts. Stayed at 3 campgrounds, and 2 Ohio travel plazas (Blue Heron & Middle Ridge). 

Pe@rl was amazing, and more than exceeded all our expectations. And I can’t wait to go camping at our favorite places with her! It’s definitely made it much easier to travel with such crazy allergies. And will make camping easier, but still camping 🙂 You won’t hear much about her for the winter, but she’ll be back next year!

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