Thanksgiving Menu {Gluten Free}

Instead of a Monday weekly menu this week, I’m doing a Thanksgiving meal menu!

This is what we are eating this year

Turkey: make sure to look for one marked “gluten free”, often times it’s the “all natural” ones. This will probably not be the ones that are super marked down this time of year, sorry. 

Gravy: made from the drippings, seasoned and thickened with tapioca flour (approximately 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of liquid to thicken). Corn starch also works (same ratio). 

Mashed potatoes

Green beans & mushrooms (recipe)

Beets & feta salad (recipe)

Bread or biscuits (bread is my mother’s dept. Biscuit recipe)

Pie with homemade whipped cream (pie is my mother’s dept, and whipped cream recipe)

It’s a little carb heavier than last year, to incorporate a few more “traditional” foods.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the “traditional” menu for Thanksgiving. Unless you are truly hosting a small army, you cook for days, serve way too many dishes, spend hours cleaning up, and eat leftovers for days or until they spoil…

And top that with the fact that I’ve worked most Thanksgivings since I became employed, and so the whole stuffing yourself till comatose wasn’t a thing (especially the years I went to work after dinner!)…

So don’t be afraid to make Thanksgiving what ever you want it to be. Make your own traditions, and find your own favorite dishes!

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