Happy 2016!!

IMG_4569.JPGHappy New Year!

Have you made your resolutions list? I’m not really into such things, because lets face it they rarely last…

But this year, inspired by Mavis, I made a list of my goals for myself this year, plus a couple challenges šŸ˜‰ 

1. Paint at least 2 rooms this year.

I haven’t painted a single wall since we moved in (almost 2 years ago!), except for the room in the basement we built. Most of the paint colors are thankfully pretty nice, but I’d love to get my picks up on the walls. This is a summer project, so we can open up windows and let the smell out…

2. Start doing yoga regularly.

I’ve been saying I would do this for a while… now I’ve told you so I have to do it…

3. Write 1 letter of encouragement every month.

A real letter on pretty stationary, mailed, with a stamp. To brighten someone’s day and let them know I’m glad they are in my life!

4. Make sushi at home.

I now have a sushi addiction, it’s my new happy food. It can be expensive. And there is no reason I can’t learn to make it at home, I’m fairly decent in the kitchen! I WILL learn to do this well this year. Weekly sushi… oh yeah!!

5. Organize my closet- lose the things I don’t wear, get new things I can and will wear.

This is a couple year project, currently in progress… I want to finish getting rid of things I can’t wear because of my skin or they’re outdated/old/worn/don’t fit. And add a couple high quality, timeless pieces that go with what’s left. I’m aiming for 95% natural fibers so I can wear all of it, all the time, and not wait for a good skin day! 

6. Make time for fun/hobbies. Find new ones I like.

Basically, don’t work too hard! With so many positions I try to fill, I often forget to NOT work. I’ve got a yarn collection, and several crochet projects going on… I have a couple coloring books… I’m also open to suggestions! What’s your favorite hobby?? What do you do to relax?

I plan to check in on this list monthly, and let you know what progress I’m making!

I’d love to hear what’s on your lists for the new year… šŸ˜‰