Instant Pot Review

Instant Pot Love-2I had said I would let you know what I thought of my new Instant Pot after I’d used it a bit… The week after we got it, I used it every day to try out each feature and program… And have been using it a couple times a week since then.

And I love it!!

Since owning it we have used it to pressure cooked a couple things, browned meat before pressure cooking stew, steamed spaghetti squash (that saves a lot of time!), used it to crockpot chili, made several batches of rice and I’m now using it to make my yogurt!

Double crock pot day
Double crock pot day

I am impressed with the overall quality. Several little details that are built in are genius- a spoon rest, the handles holding the lid for you, and a cord minder.

Instant Pot Love-1I also like that it has a stainless steel cooking pot, and it is indeed a very nice pot. It has a nice thick bottom disk , so I’ve haven’t had one thing stick or burn! And it’s super easy to clean.

The programming and settings can be a little confusing at first. There is a lot of them! But they send a user manual, cookbook and quick reference sheet. I taped the quick reference sheet on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinet doors, so it’s always handy when I’m programming it. 

I’m definitely looking forward to using it more, and finding new ways to save time on food prep! 😉


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  1. This thing rocks and has been worth the purchase since unboxing it. It has worked perfectly for rice, soup, stew, yogurt, and even a whole chicken at this point, and has produced perfect results each time. PB approved!

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