This Year’s Goals – 2 of 12

So I made a list of things I’d like to do or get done this year. I’m determined to not be doing all of them in December of this year… But instead spread them out over the year.

Thus far…?

1. Paint at least 2 rooms this year.

This is waiting for summer… which around here is several months away (modest estimate…). I should start looking at colors, I have general ideas for all areas. But I like to hang paint chips on the walls to be painted and look at it over a couple weeks.

2. Start doing yoga regularly.

Getting there… Really, actually, I haven’t made much progress here… Except find a friend who would join me. So hey! There. Progress.

3. Write 1 letter of encouragement every month.

I owe 2 this next month… 

4. Make sushi at home.

I have made a wishlist on Amazon of all the ingredients that are hard to find locally. Just need to order! And find fresh fish… Thoughts??!! Taking suggestions…

5. Organize my closet- lose the things I don’t wear, get new things I can and will wear.
Closet rejects
Closet rejects

I pulled a bunch of stuff out this past week. All stuff I can’t remember wearing, so that means even if I think I love it – I don’t. Previously my plan of attack was to take out things I didn’t like anymore. Now I’m taking out anything I don’t love and setting it aside for a month or two and see if I miss anything… If I don’t- move on!!! 

Also, hoping to work on a new jewelry organization this week and start going thru all that, given last week’s failed experiment… 

6. Make time for fun/hobbies. Find new ones I like.
Circle in a Square afghan progress
Circle in a Square afghan – circles becoming squares

My afghan is coming along! More than 2/3 done with making the blocks! I love the pattern. Considering a second afghan (I have an illness…) of the same design, in colors to match Pe@rl 😉 The design would match the curtains…

How’s your lists and goals coming?