This Year’s Goals – 3 of 12

So I made a list of things I’d like to do or get done this year. I’m determined to not be doing all of them in December of this year… But instead spread them out over the year.

Making progress!! 

1. Paint at least 2 rooms this year.

I can smell spring…. I’m sure of it. Better get my paint chips out and pick colors!

2. Start doing yoga regularly.

No progress. 

3. Write 1 letter of encouragement every month.

Yikes. I owe 3 now…

4. Make sushi at home.
Sushi supplies

Made sushi this month! As our Valentine’s Day date, since I was working and hate crowds, we made sushi at home. It was fun, lots of work and really yummy! We have no pictures, I’ll try better next time… There will be a next time!

5. Organize my closet- lose the things I don’t wear, get new things I can and will wear.

I haven’t missed any of the items I pulled out last month. I’m already mentally going thru what else could go…

I have narrowed down accessory storage ideas that will work for my space and items. I haven’t had time to make/create them yet! But at least now I know where I’m headed, always helpful…

6. Make time for fun/hobbies. Find new ones I like.

Worked too much this month… No crocheting done.

We did book a couple campsites for the summer (YAY!!), I can start planning the food!! 😀 And we decided and wrote on the calendar all my days off, now before I’m booked solid and forget to take days off… That’s always good! Have 1-2 more campsites to find and book for the summer.

How’s your lists and goals coming?