This Year’s Goals – 7 of 12

So I made a list of things I’d like to do or get done this year. I’m determined to not be doing all of them in December of this year… But instead spread them out over the year.

So I missed a month… I’ve been trying so hard to just keep up, I decided some things could wait till I had time to think. The past 2 months have seen a lot of allergy flares, which besides being annoying and uncomfortable, also leaving me wiped out since my body’s using all it’s resources to freak out about some allergen… So I kept up with the important stuff! 

1. Paint at least 2 rooms this year.

I do believe I have picked out almost all of my colors! Whoa! I’m preparing to start coloring soon…. 🙂 

2. Start doing yoga regularly.

I made it to yoga with my friend!  Only once, and then allergies got crazy, so I haven’t gone again yet. But it was a lot of fun, and I will totally go again soon! 

3. Write 1 letter of encouragement every month.

Owe 7 now…

4. Make sushi at home.

No sushi at home this month. 

5. Organize my closet- lose the things I don’t wear, get new things I can and will wear.

A couple more things removed this month…

The big excitement of recent is when I suddenly started reacting quite severely to all my bras. All of which have underwires… So there began a frantic search to find nickel free ones, and get them shipped to me. 

So while I wasn’t planning to add anything this month… There was a change of plans! I’ve been very happy with my Rosa Faia bras by Anita. I’ve been wearing them exclusively for almost a month and my skin is almost healed and back to normal! I still have some bumps on my back where the hooks were, but they are fading finally. 

6. Make time for fun/hobbies. Find new ones I like.

We went camping! It was the first time out to our favorite spot with the camper…. It was a little wet and damp for part. But the view is never bad… 😉 


And we hung our hammocks in our great room. I’ve found it to be an outstanding place to use for everything. The location is great. I have a delightful woven hammock, and it breathes better than a chair, so my skin is always happy!!

How’s your lists and goals coming?