about me

i’m allergic to “normal life”

so we are finding a #newnormal

In 2016 my allergies went crazy, and I became super sensitive to even the smallest amount of synthetic fragrances and formaldehydes. I reacted to certain buildings because of the materials they were made of… I reacted to people after hanging out with them because of the laundry soap or drier sheets they had used…

now life required major changes

I’m still the same girl

Who lives in the country. Who loves the ocean… And good food… And sunny days… And time spent with my best friend…

I’m married to my best friend, my Peanut Butter! (Convenient for hanging out, huh?!) I love him – a whole lot. And I’m super grateful for him and how accommodating he’s been! He’s learned to use all “me-safe” products to avoid triggering any allergic reactions, how to do a lot of the shopping, and how to eat gluten free/paleo/whole foods with me (which ended up with him losing 50+lbs! I’m going to make him write about it sometime… 😉 ). I’m glad he’s nerdy enough to research the chemistry of chemicals, but also handy enough to build or rebuild anything I need adjusted.

this is the journal of finding a new way to do EVERYTHING

We had to relearn most things, and figure out some new solutions… We learned to live outdoors, or inside with windows open year round. We learned to live without mass-produced stuff. We started downsizing. I learned how to cook everything from scratch. We learned to live without certain things.

So there’s a lot here about real food, allergies, camping and enjoying the outdoors, real life with allergies, T@B trailers, minimalism, and essential oils… and anything else I find interesting! ‘Cause it’s my blog 😉

the background…

I’ve had allergies all my life. Asthma and eczema as a kid. Later on, hay fever and more rashes. The first allergy testing in 2007 by skin prick revealed the main culprit as dust mites! We bagged the mattress, ditched the carpet and life went on. ‘Til 2014 when I started getting rashes, that got worse and worse. In 2014 I went gluten free, and never went back. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD), and found allergic to 5 chemicals. This caused a major life change to eliminate these things, but we did it! And I saw a time of relative calm, until I was exposed to some paint and a not-well-ventilated building too much and things went crazy…

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