daily giggle delivered… {US vs Germany}

Get your laugh on

Driving in the US versus Germany…

This is pretty funny, you should definitely watch it if you need a laugh! 

Another Visitor

In this week’s addition of you can’t make this up….

turtle 1

A turtle… A BIG turtle!

turtle 2This morning we awoke to this in the (newly planted) vegetable garden. And it wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Walking around and around. I was very grateful as this point that I had just planted, so nothing is up. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the whole thing would have been flattened,  it was doing some serious laps. There was some discussion as to whether it was a female, who thought my freshly tilled garden might be a nice place to lay eggs.

So we decided to move it back to the woods, closer to the stream and bog where it likely came from…

My PB picked it up, much to it’s disapproval. And we gave it a gentle wheelbarrow ride down to the edge of the woods.

turtle 3

I hope it’s much happier there, because I normally like to walk around barefoot…

Gluten Free Dessert & A Show

You can’t make this stuff up… I once read in order to help have an exciting blog you should lead an exciting life. Now I’ve never thought mine to be very exciting, though people tell me they never know what I’ll be up to next or what crazy thing I’ll try…

Tonight I was in the kitchen, finishing up dog food and getting ready to make some dessert when my PB said “COME HERE! Right now…!” And there was a peacock. On. Our. Lawn.


I recalled seeing my neighbor post to Facebook a few days earlier that they had a peacock visitor. I sent her a quick text, more as a haha. But she knew who it belonged to and texted me right back how to get a hold of the owner. So a quick call later and they were on the way to attempt to corral him. He’s named Raj. They arrived and thanks to some conveniently placed dog yard fencing they were able to grab him!

Coconut Rice Pudding
Coconut Rice Pudding

After all that excitement I did get back to making this yummy Coconut Rice Pudding, which I’ve made one other time. And we really liked… Tonight I made some whipped cream and hot chocolate to go with it.