Count Your Blessings {journal}

It’s been an intense couple weeks with allergies, and life, and adjusting to life with allergies… 

So I decided to count my blessings… and remember how far I’ve come

  • I got the whole garden in! Veggies, some flowers and herbs. It’s beautiful!
  • I got to take 3 days and go back to my parent’s, and visit 6 of my dearest friends a couple weeks ago
  • I now have 4 NICKEL FREE bras!! That fit!! And are comfy… And my skin is finally clearing up again 🙂 
  • My PB hung my hammock (and then his) in our great room, with a view of our yard and the eastern sky. It’s pretty amazing…
  • I’m tanning this year! And my fingers wrinkle now after a long time in water! So my skin is recovering!


A Mile Marker… {journal}

Last week My PB and I celebrated being married for 9 years! NINE!! 

credit: Kelly Sauer

He’s really my other half. We are better together. A team.

It’s pretty wonderful if you ask me. Being married to your best friend is amazing… You get to hang out ALL THE TIME!!

He’s absolutely the best and has been there with me and for me these last couple years. When I was at my worst. Through all the trying to figure out what was wrong with me… Though trying to keep me safe… Though trying to learn my new normal…

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it without him!

Image credit: Kelly Sauer