Portage Bay Cafe – Road Trip Day 8 Part A

One thing I really wanted to do while in Seattle (besides eat my weight in sushi), was go get gluten free french toast at Portage Bay Cafe

Rumor was that it was amazing. And I haven’t had french toast since going gluten free. Also the whole sustainable and organic and local… that’s the part of Seattle I wanted to see.


We made reservations for brunch. Lexy’s idea, and super convenient. No waiting.

And I got my french toast!


I was not disappointed! I made it thru 2 of those slices and took the last one with me. There was no way I was letting them throw it out 🙂 (I ate it cold a couple days later for breakfast, better warm. But still good then!)

My PB got the Farmer’s Hash. Which he loved, but also couldn’t finish! It was a huge plate full! It actually looked a lot like the Sweet Potato Hash I’ve made in the past

The only part that scared me was getting my toppings for my french toast from a self serve bar. Given the gluten free-ness of any bar is in how careful people are about not touching serving spoons on their plates or food… And it served the whole place, gluten and gluten free. If you’re super sensitive I would ask for fruit from the kitchen. 

I would definitely go here again!

A Lunch Box Must Have Reviewed- Lunch Crock for Warm Meals on the Go

tiny crockpot blueThis little Crockpot is one of the best $20 purchases!

I had eyed these for quite a while, but finally picked one up at Target last fall when they had a Cartwheel deal going on! And boy has it been handy…

At the time my PB was working crazy long hours, and I was doing the good wifey thing making sure he left the house with a lunch box full of the healthiest, most nutrious, homecooked food I could make to give him energy for his long days. (and he never once got sick!! 🙂 )

Five to six days out of his six day work week, he would leave with his lunch box stuffed full. A dish of homemade yogurt, with honey and fruit in it, and a small container of granola to be added when it was eaten. Breakfast. Then most days would be this little Crockpot, with some dinner leftovers in it. Lunch. There was also usually fruit, or trail mix/dried fruit. And usually a granola bar. And a quart of water. (I stuffed as much as I could in there, I wanted him to bring home stuff rather than run out…)

I’ve put soups and stews in it (don’t fill it as full as the picture!! There is a fill line, and that is definitely too full…),  polenta and spaghetti sauce (little extra sauce maybe), GF chicken and dumplings (they don’t get soggy like the non-GF ones! 😉 ), and chili.

I might have forgotten some, so be creative! Most anything with a little liquid to it will heat up great. Things without that moisture to conduct the heat won’t work, or will take forever and need lots of stirring so advance with caution… It’s reported to hold a can of soup, but since I make my soup I can’t say if this is true. It is, either way, a nice lunch sized portion. 

It’s currently available on Target.com [aff link] for $19.99 in purple & white and black & white!

I am a Target affiliate. But I purchased this product with my own money. And all opinions are mine. 

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and place an order, your price is the same but I receive a small commission. Read more about them here. Thank you for your support

A Breakfast Review: Rise & Shine Hot Cereal

rise & shineYesterday I tried this hot cereal  for breakfast. 

I’ve always been a fan of Cream of Rice cereal, and have been eyeing the Bob’s Red Mill’s brown rice cereal. However, I happened upon this in the clearance section of my local natural food store (nearly out of date, so it saved me a couple dollars!). 

So, I finally remembered it was in the cupboard and I cooked up 1 serving to check it out:

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup cereal

pinch of salt optional (I didn’t opt in…)

It takes a bit more time to cook that Cream of Rice, but that’s not completely surprising since it’s a courser grind on the rice. I’ve never cooked Cream of Wheat so I can’t compare there. But still only 2-3 minutes is a pretty easy breakfast. I do recommend you listen to the 2-3 minutes, as I almost burned it to the bottom of the pan. I then let it sit while I made my cup of coffee, and it was ready!

Hot cereal breakfast

I put peaches and cream on top. No sugar needed, which is a plus!! And I really enjoyed it. It seemed to have a little more flavor than white rice, which is what I was hoping for… I’m sure the fresh peaches didn’t hurt… but I’m looking forward to making this again!

I would recommend every one try it 🙂 

Available on Amazon