Some highlights from the week. 

A great winter veggie profiled

We’ve been on an oatmeal breakfast kick

My Etsy shop went live this week!

Better scrambled eggs 

Inspiring legacy 

A better way to do New Year’s resolutions 

Travel by photo…

NEWS! Etsy Shop is Live!

I so excited to tell you… I have gotten my Etsy shop open! 🙂 

It’s been something I’ve been working on for a while. I have crocheted for many years, and as a result have quite a few items. It became really obvious HOW MANY when we downsized and moved into our tiny house last year! I gave away a bunch, pack up some half done projects and the hats because they are small… Thankfully they are light even if bulky to carry around!

Yesterday I began listing the hats that are already complete. And I’ll be working next on finishing 3 (yes THREE) afghans that are nearly done and they will be listed as soon as they are finished! 

Currently most of what I am listing is made with acrylic. But in the future it’s my goal to move into natural fibers like cotton and wool. If you are a fellow yarn crafter, tell me your favorite fibers! 

I am happy to be able to go back to crocheting with my normal vigor, so please tell everyone you know! I need to make more room! 🙂 

I am also accepting custom orders. 

Check it out HERE!