Monday mini-thoughts – 4/24/2017

I have seriously missed blogging! I’m not committing to anything, but hopefully there will be more in the near future! 

Things have been pretty scrambled lately…

so I introduce Monday mini-thoughts – whatever is going on, put on paper. Or blog…

  • the peepers in the brook started singing about a week ago! That means spring! They were a little quiet last week, because it was chilly again. But I know they are there…
  • the Canadian goose pair are back, and making the morning commute from the pond to the swamp, a-honking along. 
  • got 2 bike rides in this past week.
  • this made me miss my t@b
  • I miss salad. 
  • so easy {recipe} (even better if you let sit overnight I think…)
  • I dyed a white washcloth I’d crocheted yellow with turmeric. It came out pretty cool! I felt super crafty.

Count Your Blessings {journal}

It’s been an intense couple weeks with allergies, and life, and adjusting to life with allergies… 

So I decided to count my blessings… and remember how far I’ve come

  • I got the whole garden in! Veggies, some flowers and herbs. It’s beautiful!
  • I got to take 3 days and go back to my parent’s, and visit 6 of my dearest friends a couple weeks ago
  • I now have 4 NICKEL FREE bras!! That fit!! And are comfy… And my skin is finally clearing up again 🙂 
  • My PB hung my hammock (and then his) in our great room, with a view of our yard and the eastern sky. It’s pretty amazing…
  • I’m tanning this year! And my fingers wrinkle now after a long time in water! So my skin is recovering!