what we used to build SuzieBee – pt 1 {building materials}

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Here is a list of supplies we used, with links if possible, for you to reference. We will go into greater details later on how and why we chose these items.

You can see farther details on the Skoolie page

The wood seen thru out is Maple. This is a commonly available wood where we built in Maine. However, “your mileage may vary” applies here. We found it impossible to find in other places of the country when we wanted “just one more stick” to finish a project on the road…


Johns Manville AP-Foil (formaldehyde free, not flame retardant free) DS sheet

Double Bubble insulation


Pine unfinished tongue and groove planks for sub floor

Maple unfinished 2.25″ tongue and groove flooring for floor and ceiling


See Level tank monitoring system | additional sending units are available from Garnet

Underbus boxes are various sizes from Tractor Supply 

Propane tank (fits in underbus box)

Wood stove – Cubic Mini Grizzly

Power inlet 

Power Central” (converter/inverter/solar charger)

Battery tray

Battery disconnect 

Fuse holder

Batteries purchased locally (saves on shipping)

Electrical monitoring – panel activity | battery charge/discharge 2x

Solar panels purchased off Craigslist in AZ

120v breaker panel is standard from home improvement store

12v fuse panels (2x)

Vent fans (2x)

12V charging outlets style 1 | style 2 (RoHS compliant)


Water inlets 

Water tanks came from PlasticWaterTanks.com

Hot water heater – Suburban 12gal propane/electric purchased here (don’t forget to order the cover)

Water pump – Shurflo

Accumulator tank – Shurflo

You might need these and one of these

Drinking water filter (Berkey)





Washer (also considering this option EcoSpin or The Laundry POD)

Cook stove – Dickinson Marine Mediterranean 3 burner stove (specs)








Tub is 4ft X 2ft X 2ft from Tractor Supply

Shower head


Shower curtain

Shower curtain rod is handmade with copper pipe


Wool mattress and pillows from HomeOfWool on Etsy

Drop down desk brackets

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NEWS! Etsy Shop is Live!

I so excited to tell you… I have gotten my Etsy shop open! 🙂 

It’s been something I’ve been working on for a while. I have crocheted for many years, and as a result have quite a few items. It became really obvious HOW MANY when we downsized and moved into our tiny house last year! I gave away a bunch, pack up some half done projects and the hats because they are small… Thankfully they are light even if bulky to carry around!

Yesterday I began listing the hats that are already complete. And I’ll be working next on finishing 3 (yes THREE) afghans that are nearly done and they will be listed as soon as they are finished! 

Currently most of what I am listing is made with acrylic. But in the future it’s my goal to move into natural fibers like cotton and wool. If you are a fellow yarn crafter, tell me your favorite fibers! 

I am happy to be able to go back to crocheting with my normal vigor, so please tell everyone you know! I need to make more room! 🙂 

I am also accepting custom orders. 

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