The Road Home – Road Trip 2015 Day 16-17

After our late night, we woke up quite late in the Blue Heron Travel Plaza. Probably a combination of being up way too late, closing the shades to block out the street lights, and the heavy dark clouds preventing daylight from happening…

And I was really glad we were close to home, since during the night I woke up to a puppy dog who’d eaten too many treats puking on my bed… True story. Thankfully it was the little cute one, less volume that way…….

We decided to stick to I80. Since we were back on familiar tuft per say, nearing the East Coast. And things are much closer together and much more congested.

Chipotle dinner while watching Pe@rl
Chipotle dinner while watching Pe@rl

We decided to head straight for home. So we stopped for some snacks, and another Chipotle dinner near the Ohio Pennsylvania border. 

Yummy (no I didn't share, no chocolate for doggies)
Yummy (no I didn’t share, no chocolate for doggies)

So I’m not a huge Oreo fan, I know crazy… But those? Are really good!

We drove thru Pennsylvania in the dark. Which seems to be our thing, I was telling my PB I’m not sure I’ve ever seen I80 thru Pennsylvania in the daylight… We almost always drive that with the truckers at night. So maybe we should try it in the daylight next time! 


We made the Maine border mid-morning. And when we stopped in the rest area near Yarmouth, I took over driving and decided we should go up Rte 1 for a more scenic drive!

Which it was, and we even stopped for ice cream 🙂

Maine coast
Maine coast

It was great getting home! Even though right away, before we could even unpack, I had to vacuum up 2 weeks worth of dead flies…!

The Crazy Storm Day – Road Trip 2015 Day 15

We woke up in Coralville Iowa. Officially 2 weeks into this trip, and still a couple days from home… And we still liked each other!! 😉

Home sweet home...
Home sweet home… (our bed)

For a while, we stuck to I80. When we stopped to get some lunch later in the day, we headed out then on some state routes for a while. After a couple days of puttering along, we kind of had to drive with a little more purpose. 


But our first stop of the day was the Iowa 80 truck stop. Since we were going right by it, and it’s supposed to be the “world’s largest truck stop”, it seemed like a must see. 🙂 It is indeed very large… and rather busy.

Lunch stop on the banks of the Illinois River
Lunch stop on the banks of the Illinois River

We pulled over for some lunch at Illini State Park, right on the banks of the Illinois River. Very pretty. And quite quiet on a weekday. 

Afterwards, we headed east to Rte 6, which we took thru Indiana and into Ohio. 

More windmills!
More windmills! And some clouds…

At which point, somewhere mid-way thru Indiana, our good weather began to vanish. There was a major storm system, and as we headed closer to the Great Lakes area we drove straight into it. There was even talk they were going to close sections of Rte 6 where the water couldn’t get off the road fast enough and it was getting deep. Thankfully, they didn’t do that!

Watching the rain
Watching the rain

We waited out the worst for a while. From the weather map, my PB could see there was going to be a break. And when that arrived we drove while we could see! When we caught back up with the rain, and it got heavy, we stopped for dinner to waste some time and stay behind it. 

As a result we were quite late getting into the Blue Heron Travel Plaza on the Ohio Turnpike. There was plenty of space, and we quickly battened down the hatches and went to bed. In retrospect, later in the night as I lay awake with Pe@rl rocking and swaying as the rain and wind pelted us…. We should have parked right next to that huge diesel pusher, and it could have blocked some wind for us! 

Nebraska Scenery – Road Trip 2015 Day 14

We woke up in North Platte, Nebraska at the Walmart

We did our usual stop for gas and coffee before leaving town… And we decided Nebraskans must not be big coffee drinkers, because we had quite a time finding a good cup of coffee! 

We jumped on I80, but only for a very short while before we decided that wasn’t much fun, and got off to take Rte 30 East.

Country road traffic

We were even able to stop for a car wash. And my PB was able to get both the Jeep and the front of Pe@rl in, which was great because they were both covered in bugs! My job was to keep putting in quarters.

While at the car wash, a train went by across the street…

This combine was amazing! He quite literally took up 2 lanes (that’s a full breakdown lane…). It was quite interesting getting around him…

Lunch time!
Lunch time!

The whole trip we had fun with “how many strange places can we fit the T@b”… 

Apparently you can go to Sonic, and fit quite nicely! (However almost NO gluten free options… I had fries and a shake, not what I consider a balanced meal)

Just one of many...
Just one of many…

We stayed on Rte 30 the rest of the way across Nebraska, and picked up I80 again north of Omaha. 

This ended up being one of our favorite driving days. We expected it to be rather boring, all flat and fields for miles. But actually the farmland scenery and the small towns along the Platte River made for pretty driving. And the visibility is amazing, you can see for miles!! Which made for a rather relaxing drive, even with a trailer. No one suddenly did anything. Someone turning? You see them, watch them turn, and almost never needed to actually slow up…

Sunset reflections
Sunset reflections

We stayed on I80 across Iowa, and stopped for the night at the Walmart in Coralville, Iowa.